Welcome to the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority
and Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport

Services of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport

MARS provides an efficient technical and management interface between the customer and the launch range using standard processes and procedures.

Launch Pads
  • MARS Pad 0A is a Mid-Class Launch Facility (MCLF), with piling-reinforced Launch Pad (LP), ramp, Liquid Fueling Facility (LFF), Deluge System for cooling and acoustic suppression, Launch Mount (LM) / Flame Trench, Hydraulic System for erecting Transporter Erector Launcher (TEL), Environmental Control System (ECS) for Payload / Launch Vehicle (LV), and LO2 Subcooler. GLOW: 1 Million+ lbs; Licensed for payloads up to LEO: 11,100 lb.
  • MARS Pad 0B is a Small-Class Launch Facility (SCLF), which accommodates a variety of solid fueled Launch Vehicles (LVs), including Castor 120 based vehicles, USAF Minuteman and Peace Keeper based Minotaur vehicles, as well as small liquid and hybrid fueled launch vehicles of generally same size. Includes piling-reinforced launch mount and flame duct, large apron, 133 ft Moveable Service Structure (MSS), Support Equipment Building (SEB), and Launch Equipment Vault (LEV) . GLOW: 750,000+ lbs; Licensed for payloads up to LEO: 8400 lb.
Range Services and Safety
  • Provided by certified MARS and NASA personnel.
  • Processes and procedures to ensure the Ground and Flight Safety requirements of both NASA and DOT/FAA are achieved through documentation development, technical reviews and oversight of hazardous operations.
  • Range scheduling to ensure optimization of Range assets and satisfaction of customer launch requirements.
Launch Vehicle Flight Certification
  • Provided by NASA.
  • Design reviews ensure launch vehicles and spacecraft are in compliance with Range Safety requirements.
  • Scheduling, maintenance and inspection to ensure optimal accomplishment of ground processing and launch.
  • Provision of supplies and consumables to support mission operations.
  • Customer access, office space, communications and other logistics support provided at the NASA Wallops Flight Facility.
Public Affairs
  • NASA and MARS Public Affairs provides coordination with the media.
MARS offers the additional advantages of State economic development benefits, legislation, and zones established to encourage commercial space business in Virginia including the following:
  • "ZeroGravity, ZeroTax" that provides state income tax incentives to locate and headquarter space flight launch and training business operations in Virginia;
  • Spaceflight Liability and Immunity Law, where the space flight entity is not liable for a participant injury, resulting from the risks of space flight activities in Virginia;
  • FOIA relief to the customer, when doing business with VCSFA MARS;
  • Enterprise Zone established at MARS; and
  • Foreign Trade Zone established at MARS.

For more information on how MARS can support your space access requirements, contact us at (757) 440-4020, or by e-mail.